An Open Letter from Lead-Dev…

Hi Community,
I’m Josh Erhiga, the Lead-Dev & artist at Fishfactory Protocol & NFTs. I also doubles as the CEO of BFI FISHFACTORY LTD. We are a start-up company based in Delta state, Nigeria.

In every crypto-project, the social community brings a lot of success to it’s pursuit. So, behalf of the Fishfactory Protocol & NFTs team, I want to appreciate you for participating. And also it’s good to acknowledge your valued AMA questions you have sent us. Thanks to you (all).

We have received almost 2000 AMA application & reward forms. This means about 200 $FROE will be in circulation soon as from September 2nd.

Fishfactory Protocol goals is to solve food deficit and create bfi-jobs. This will invariably generate wealth.

At the release of this letter, We are currently running a test & experimental farm for EarlyBird farmers, with a stock of 20,000 fingerlings in 5 SMP (Standard Mobile Pond), which are being grown (reared) unto mid-range catfish sizes (i.e these are the commonly smoked curly catfishes found in local markets by local traders in Africa (Nigeria)) & valued at 700 NGN ($1.35) per kilo. This is just a test farm which cannot be compared to 250 SMP that can rear 2.6 million catfishes annually, starting by Q1, 2022.

Fishfactory Protocol is owned & operated by BFI FISHFACTORY LTD (RC: 1812854). Verify here:

In preparation towards the launch of Fishfactory Protocol in 2022, we are proud to say, that a 5.04 Acre of Land is currently acquired by our team to kick-start farming in 2022. Please, read more detail 👉 here

Overview on Fishfactory NFTs:

Fishfactory NFTs is an extension of the mission of the Protocol in solving food deficits, creating wealth via the development and minting of digital arts (NFTs) backed to the fungible asset, called FROE ($ROE).


FROE is an acronym from 2 words: FRY and ROE. A FRY is the earliest form of a hatched catfish egg, while A ROE is the general name for fish 🐟 egg. Therefore, A generic description could be said that a FROE is a Fry egg 🍳.

Therefore, FROE — Are catfish fry egg tokens backing Fishfactory NFTs arts convertible as: 👉 GW🧞 x 0.2 $FROE🍳.

FROE asset is issued on Waves platform. Every minted NFTs has the unique details on it as show below👇:

  • Art Name: e.g Cat.FRY#701
  • Art Type: Type A or B. Type A are RedeemABLE arts applicable to $XFP tokens. While Type B are TradeABLE arts applied to FROE Assets.
  • GW🧞: Genie Wish Color Code are: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23
  • VS🕶: Varient Color Shades are even-decimal numbers assigned to GW Color Code: 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8.
  • SGW🧞: Super Genie Wish Codes are 10 GW featured as: 30, 50, 70, 110, 130, 170, 190, 230

👉 SGW🧞 x 0.2 $FROE🍳.

All FROE tokens in circulation shall pre-suppose that an NFTs has been minted or otherwise stated as either a marketing or a developmental release.

We want to bring FROE & its NFTs at parity with the leading Waves Duck 🦆 NFTs development, But it’s never a contest. We have only gleaned wisdom and developed this NFTs pursuit just by looking deeply into the Waves Ducks Game approach, but differently. And as a major part of the Fishfactory NFTs, we are building a WAVESDUCK FARM already as seen 👉 here.

The Waves Duck farm is named as GENIE-DUCK FARM and it’s proceeds are used as loyalty to $FROE holders.


All Fishfactory NFTs shall be released on the SIGNATURE CHAIN ⛓️ Launchpad for artist as soon as our application is verified by SIGNATURES CHAIN

For other clarity questions, please comment here or send your inquiry to our telegram discussion group or mail:


Originally published at on September 23, 2021.



FROE — Are catfish fry egg tokens backing Fishfactory NFTs arts convertible as: GW🧞 x 0.2 $FROE🍳.

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FROE — Are catfish fry egg tokens backing Fishfactory NFTs arts convertible as: GW🧞 x 0.2 $FROE🍳.